"Beautiful CD, I highly recommend it!" - Bruce Newman, Host of Folk Song Fiesta WEVL Memphis  (RE:  All These Things CD 2016)

….."she has a stockpile of eleven razor-sharp songs, brought to soulful life in a 'front porch' setting" - John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music -  May 2016

"Julieann is the real deal. She has a long history in the Texas music community as a vocalist and songwriter that's admired by all who have had the opportunity to hear her. Her fans have hung with her, too. Soulful singing with a heart to match makes for a joyful and entertaining listen"  
- Terri Hendrix
"Julieann Banks is truly gifted as a performer and writer. Her voice is captivating and her smile warms the whole room. A true professional."  
-  Joe Abels, Owner of Saxon Pub, Austin Tx 
“There’s something in Julieann’s voice...I noticed it the first time I heard her sing...whether she’s singing her own songs, which are really good, or covering someone else’s, she owns it; you can see the audience being drawn in.”  
- Patterson Barrett

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Partial funding for my new CD "All These Things" came from a wonderful organization called Works In Progress Louisiana.  I tried for a year and a half to get grants from "government funded" arts organizations in my city and state and had no luck.   As far as I know, none of those programs have assisted any local musicians with their recording projects.  WIPLA receives NO government funding!  They operate solely on your donations and then give those donations directly to the artists!  Like me!  It's a difficult time for an organization like this as we are in a slow economy and most of us are watching every penny.  To make matters worse, most corporate help goes to the same programs that get government help, and are better known!  Unfortunately very little of that money from the better known "arts councils" trickles down to actually help us artists to make a dream come true - create a new work!
Please, if you can, donate some to Works in Progress Louisiana!  You can do that here:

Works In Progress Louisiana
Thank you so very much!  This will DIRECTLY help fulfill not only my grant - but also many other worthy artists in our area who cannot get funding any other way!!!
Someone recently described Julieann Banks' award-winning songwriting and performing as "sounding  like a cross between Sheryl Crow and Joan Armatrading".  In an industry of "sound alikes" that's not a combination one runs across every day.   And it's a comparison that's not easy to back up, both artists are formidable performers, songwriters, singers and musicians with their own signature styles.  But Banks can do it with seeming ease.  She flat knocks it out of the park and then some on her 2016 release, "All These Things" while adding a splash of the class and voice of Patsy Cline and a salting of the regional twang and sass of Lucinda Williams just for good measure.   She likes to call it "Renegade Soul" and the edgy, electric emotion of her songs and singing are probably what earns her awards such as Austin Music Magazine’s “Best Female Vocalist Rock,” one of the Top Ten in South by Southwest Austin Chronicle Music Awards’ “Best Songwriter,” and Austin’s Local Flavor Music Magazine’s “Best Pipes,” among many others.  

Julieann Banks is a bit of a rambler, (but then what good story teller or song-writer isn't?), spending half of her adult life in Austin Texas and they other half in her hometown of Shreveport Louisiana where she resides currently.  She is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, bassist & guitarist, and she does it all with a passion wrought of a lifetime commitment to being a full-time professional musician. A palpable magnetic energy shines through her, engaging and electrifying audiences who say, ”I can tell that you love what you do, it shows!”.

Her performances are filled with an easy audience banter and an approachable vulnerability that keeps her in touch with the real people & stories that populate her rootsy vibrant songs.